Dog Walks


These are shorter mid-day walks around your neighborhood.  Ideal for dogs who just need a potty break, small dogs, older dogs or dogs with low energy. 

     20 minutes -- $20
     30 Minutes --  $25


"Wear-em out Walks" -- Longer walks designed for younger or high energy dogs.  For these walks we can pick up your dog and take them to a hiking trail, depending on where you are located.  Let us burn off your dog's excess energy -- a worn out dog is a happy dog!

1 hour -- $34

2 hours -- $46

*Rates are for one dog; each additional dog can be added for only $6!

Playtime Visits

$17 for 15 minute visit

Short and sweet potty break.  But, dogs aren't the only pets who need attention and get lonely while Mom or Dad is at work!  These playtimes are ideal for indoor pets that need some love and exercise while parents are away. Perfect option for cats, birds and all other kinds of small pets!

Vacation Care

Doggie Package

$50 per day.

Includes two visits, during which we will feed your pets, provide fresh water, take them for a  20 minute walk, bring in your mail/newspaper,  take out garbage/recycling, and water indoor plants.  And of course provide lots of love and individual attention!

  • Mid-day walk or playtime visit can be added to the package at a discount
  • Prices are for one dog; each additional dog is $10; cats and other small animals in the household can be added for an additional $5

Mini Doggie Package

$40 per day

This is two 15-20 minute visits that include the same services as the Doggie Package, except no walk (this is ideal for dogs that have outside access).

Vacation Care-Other Pets

$24 for 20 minute visit.

For cats and other indoor animals such as birds, reptiles, rabbits, and other small pets.  Visit includes food/water, playtime, waste removal/litterbox cleaning, bringing in mail, packages or newspaper, garbage/recycling service and indoor plant watering.  Plenty of playtime and love included!Need more than one visit per day?  No problem! Each additional visit per day will be discounted to $18

Pet Taxi

Transportation:  $35/hour

Does your pet need a ride?  We can help!  

Perfect for rides to/from the vet, groomer or doggie daycare.

Free Consultation, Holidays and More

When you contact us, we will schedule a free initial consultation to meet with you and your pets.  This will give us an opportunity to discuss your needs for your pets and allow us to become familiar with your pets.  This initial consultation is free and takes approximately 30 minutes.  If you like you can print out the Client Information Form and fill it out before the meeting.  We can e-mail the Client Information Form if you would like to fill it out before the consultation.

For holiday service, an additional fee of $15 will be added.  Holidays include New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Early/Late Fee of $10 for services needed before 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the full amount of service.  For reservations on holidays, cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.